Teaching Resources

The following teaching resources are just a few that we have produced over the past year in response to ChatGPT and other generative AI/large language model tools.


Presentation to staff about ChatGPT in the classroom

This presentation is one that we used to showcase possible ways that you can teach ChatGPT in the classroom. This was used for the 2023 Fall term. Includes possible activities that could be used in the classroom.

Slide showing 10 prompts in ChatGPT. Colour coded to determine if they are real, fake or mixed reliability.

PowerPoint | PDF | Google Slides

Below are the activity sheets that can accompany the presentation content above.

Sample page from a ChatGPT activity we created

Activities PDF | Activities .docx

Teaching ChatGPT in the classroom, focus on academic integrity

This presentation is one that I was asked to present in August for new incoming first year students. It was part three of a session on the topic of academic integrity. It draws on Carleton University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Image of a slide show featuring an elephant asking participants to address the elephant in the room, ChatGPT

PowerPoint | PDF | Google Slides

Discussing ChatGPT in the classroom, focus on ChatGPT reliability

This presentation looks at the reliability of ChatGPT when asked to generate a list of citations.

First slide in a presentation looking at our tests of ChatGPT for reliability in generating citations.

PowerPoint | PDF | Google Slides

Want to test ChatGPT yourself? Use our Google Sheet!

The Blank Google Sheet allows you to add ChatGPT generated citations and choose whether the citation is real, fake, or mixed.
“Example Sheet” Shows how the Google Sheet should look when completed.

Google Sheet to test ChatGPT reliability (make a copy and save it to your Google Drive to edit)

Methodology Documents

These documents serve as supplementary materials for faculty assignments, providing a tool for evaluating students’ research skills. Creating specific details for a search proved to be a more challenging for ChatGPT to do. The idea behind these documents is to attach them as an appendix to a research paper, offering a means to gauge and assess the students’ research proficiency.

.docx-Simple Methodology | .docx- Narrative Methodology (Downloading in .docx has formatting issues) | PDF (Combined- both)


This video is a modified version of the presentations listed above.

Still image of a slide from the ChatGPT video we made this past fall term

Generative AI and ChatGPT (7:02)